About the Dillard Sisters

Allison and Christy Dillard have been a writing team since junior high, when they co-wrote their first script, 4th Grade with Mr. Nelson. Through high school, they wrote and directed several short student films, including A Midsummer Night's Scandal and The Crucifixion of Tammy Fay Hubbard.

In college, Allison and Christy wrote and directed Revenge of the Firefly, Attack of the Teddy Bear, A Guide to Student Life (short),  a documentary on Title IX and their first feature, Double Mocha Cappuccino, a comedy about romantically-challenged kleptomaniac college students. During these formative years, the sisters also delve into the more analytical side of writing as  Allison wrote her English Thesis on Heroines in Mainstream Romantic Comedies. 

After college, Allison took screenwriting classes for two years at UCLA Extension and the two co-wrote A Guide to Student Life (feature), War of the Roommates, and Village Idiot.

In 2007, Allison and Christy pitched a female-driven buddy comedy to Ellen Sandler (Emmy nominated writer, Everybody Loves Raymond), who optioned the material in December 2007, developed it into a series for the web, and directed the pilot in August 2008. The project, called Marisa Rules, stars a phenomenal cast, including Ashley Peldon, Jo Mei, and Ryan Carlberg. It is currently in post-production.

Also in 2007, Allison and Christy joined forces with another comically-gifted producer, Anne Quin-Harkin (Creative Executive, Stone Village Pictures), who has developed two features with the sisters: A Guide to Student Life and a "romantic comedy for the whole family" called Inbred.

In 2008, Allison and Christy wrote and animated several political cartoons inspired by the 2008 presidential election and VP candidate Sarah Palin.

Up next? The Dillard Sisters are developing a third feature with Anne Quin-Harkin, as well as writing blogs, rules, web content, and new episodes for the online premier of Marisa Rules.